Your Service Coordinator and Plan


Patient Care Coordination has a dedicated and diverse group of Service Coordinators that help carry out the company’s mission and the founder’s passions for advocacy, care, and determination to help participants achieve independence and quality of life. All Service Coordination staff are, at a minimum, Bachelor’s degree educated with Social/ Human service college accompanying credit. We exceed these requirements through our 41% of employees who have masters-level degrees, and 35% of employees have 5 years of healthcare experience or more.

In addition, we pride ourselves on our staff diversity and our ability to connect with participants in multiple languages and through strong cultural competency. We have Service Coordinators that speak Arabic, Mandarin, Cantonese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and American Sign Language and represent a variety of races, religions, creeds, and sexual orientations. Our staff is a reflection of the diverse community we serve and facilitates stronger community and participant connections, and our goals and training reinforce this.

Person-Centered Care Planning

The Person-Centered Care Plan is the essential component of a participant’s care. The Service Coordinator will call a meeting of the Planning Team to create the participant’s Service Plan. The team is made up of the Service Coordinator, the participant getting services and other people chosen by the participant. A participant may ask current service providers to attend the Planning Team meeting as well. The services in the ISP are based on the participant’s goals and needs. The plan is regularly reviewed and updated at certain intervals, life events, or as needed in order to properly capture a person’s obstacles to meeting their goals and progress towards improved health outcomes and quality of life.