Who We Are

A Man with a Vision

PCC was inspired by a Social Worker’s passion for serving his community and a desire to create an enjoyable workplace for compassionate people who shared his call to serve those in need.



Paul Rimar established PCC as a Service Coordination agency in the fall of 2014. Paul began as the Executive Director, Service Coordinator, Administrative Assistant and Marketer. Paul believed that if he recruited the right team and stayed true to his vision, PCC would grow and lead the way for others to follow as a servant of the community and its vulnerable members. Paul instilled these values within PCC to ensure that waiver-eligible participants were served with integrity, dignity and compassion. PCC began with zero participants in a small Philadelphia office and quickly outgrew the space by mid-2015. PCC then established the central Philadelphia business hub to be centrally located and accessible for the majority of our participants being served.

PCC Today

PCC has achieved tremendous growth and successfully serves over 5000 participants. PCC continues to dedicate this work towards the health and safety of its participants within the 19 counties we serve. Overall, PCC emphasizes effective utilization management while enhancing the health of our local population as a whole. As a payer of last resort, we value how our organization contributes to greater value-based care and improved health outcomes throughout Pennsylvania, which is built into our philosophy.


Our Mission and Values


We educate, inform, and support people to make decisions. We partner with local agencies to strengthen our service opportunities.



We listen to and observe each person to determine what is important to them and where support is needed.



We get individuals the supports of their care plan and safeguard their health.



We access resources and build relationships within the community.
Plan: We support the development of plans that are tailored to each person’s wants and needs.