Waiver Programs and Services

Patient Care Coordination now facilitates care for all enrollees under the new Community HealthChoices waiver program in the five county Philadelphia region. In addition, we continue to serve the Independence, Aging, and Attendant Care in all other counties we serve. We also serve participants under the OBRA and Act 150 waiver programs in all of our Pennsylvania Counties.


We support 4 PA HCBS Waivers & 1 Cost Sharing Waiver Program (OLTL). These include:

  • Aging Waiver
  • Independence Waiver
  • Attendant Care Waiver
  • Community HealthChoices (CHC) Waiver
  • OBRA
  • Act 150 Program


Please note that in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties (Bucks, Delaware, Montgomery, and Chester), the Attendant Care, Aging, and Independent waiver have been replaced by the CHC waiver program. Effective January 1, 2020, the rest of the counties we serve will also transition to the CHC waiver program as well.

List of Services


In addition to our dedicated service coordination, other potential services that fall under the waiver program may include the following:

  • Home Care and Home Health Aide
  • In-Home Emergency Response System
  • Adult Day Care
  • Transportation
  • Respite Care
  • Modifications to the home
  • Medical Supplies and Equipment
  • Pest Eradication
  • Job Assistance Programs