Patient Care Coordination is always looking for talented individuals that can contribute to the continued success and growth of the organization. As our company has achieved tremendous growth and is projected to continue on this path, we are currently hiring for the following opportunities.

Celebrating Diversity

Patient Care Coordination is proud to have a diverse group of Service Coordinators that represents all stripes of the community we serve. Our employees and management team are ethnically, racially, gender, and LGBTQ diverse and we celebrate this diversity. In addition, PCC Service Coordinators speak over 10 different languages in support of our participant base. PCC prides itself on the diversity of our staff members and the ways that each of our staff members’ diversity adds to the strength of the organization.

Investment in Personnel

PCC has implemented progression plans and a training department overhaul for our SCs and team members to elevate those who demonstrate superior skills in quality, leadership, and dedication to participants. These include a significant time and financial investment in training and mentoring team members through cross-training and promotion opportunities. Through these investments, PCC is creating a mutually beneficial relationship with our team members that creates a stronger organization and professional growth which ultimately enhances our ability to better serve the community.

An Inviting Workplace

Patient Care Coordination’s employees are considered family, and we strive for a team-oriented and caring company culture. We also believe in a work-life balance and flexible working hours and we are continuing to expand our array of benefits and perks here at PCC. We host various employee events and celebrations throughout the year such as happy hour get-togethers, health and wellness classes, birthday celebrations, and we also engage in many community service projects.

Employee Benefits

Patient Care Coordination knows that our team members are our greatest asset. We continue to enhance our perks and benefits offered to our team members as a result of this dedication to staff. Our standard benefits package includes a paid time off policy that accelerates quickly during the employees first few years of tenure along with seven paid holidays. We recently added a 401k plan with a company match, have a robust medical and dental plan package, and offer flexibility in hours worked and an expanding remote working policy. We also reimburse all company travel generously.