Community Involvement & Initiatives


Community Involvement

PCC stands behind its mission and values to ensure that participants are receiving community resources based on proper assessments to meet their individualized needs. PCC stresses the importance of value-based care and how our improved participant outcomes contribute to better population health. To aid in achieving these objectives, PCC remains active in the community and has partnered with area organizations to assist our participants in accessing and connecting to community resources.


PCC works directly with community health partners to ensure greater continuity of care. By working directly with area health systems, we bridge the gap between acute care systems and transitions to the community.

LGBTQ Initiatives and Partnerships

A focus on LGBTQ-specific challenges and care has always been the heart of PCC’s mission. The Executive Director personally experienced these challenges. He prioritized and instilled these values within PCC to ensure that our LGBTQ participants are served with integrity, dignity and compassion. This has been highlighted through inclusive employment policies, active community engagement, and by catering to LGBTQ-focused patient care.


While we do not require agencies that we work with have similarly inclusive policies, we make a point of asking our partners about the status of their inclusive policies in the hopes of catalyzing a progressive discussion. We highlight this to member organizations so they recognize the importance of it in the work we do and how it can positively affect both employees and the community that we serve.


Today, we shine as an actively engaged LGBTQ community member and our partnerships reflect this. We have sponsored numerous LGBTQ community events and organizations such as Code RED, Mazzoni Center, and Philly AIDS fund, and we maintain an active LGBTQ committee to carry out this mission.