Alyssa Gallone


Alyssa Gallone, BA, RN

Director Of Clinical Care Management

Alyssa Gallone has been with Patient Care Coordination for over 3 years to date starting out as the Nurse Assessor and growing into her new position as the Director of Clinical Care Management. Alyssa brings Patient Care Coordination an extensive background of over 10 years in Direct Patient Practice, Nursing, Gerontology, Clinical Compliance and Auditing ranging in environments of acute care, care management, long term care, nursing and rehabilitation, memory care, medication management and disease oversight. Alyssa is a Registered Nurse and possesses a dual Bachelor’s along with a Bachelor’s in Nursing from a highly accredited institution in Philadelphia. Alyssa brings Patient Care Coordination a broad scope of skills and knowledge that promote wellness, preventive efforts along with emphasis on the individual.